Who we are


DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS with locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom is a premium trading company for steel pipes, fittings, flanges and accessories around the world with more than 35 years of experience. We know the market very well and are experts in all technical aspects and procurement.

We supply complete piping packages with combinations of different products, always in full compliance with the technical requirements. We also have in-house production facilities where we can process forgings and bar to any customer specification.

Our team of professionals includes metallurgists and in-house NDT-testing experts. We supply specialized turn-key services, including project management and consultancy and are optimally equipped to fulfill the requirements of high quality standards world-wide. This quality is guaranteed with continuous employee training.

With NRG Special Products, DYLAN also has a mechanical production for components with CNC milling technology. NRG Special Products offers its customers even greater productivity, reliability and precision with its Hankook VTC125E vertical turning centre.

Since 2015 we are part of the BUHLMANN GROUP. This gives us access to a 60,000-ton stock range spread across warehouses world-wide, with a large variation in steel pipes, fittings and flanges and a priority with a selection of high quality suppliers and mills.

Our Vision and Values

Engagement // Trustworthy // Vigorous // Inventive

Our customers can rely on exceptional service and quality. We have an extraordinary knowledge of the market, the suppliers and mills, the products and technical demands as well as handling procedures. We continuously invest in the relationship with our business partners. Our team members are highly skilled, well-trained and motivated. We are flexible, respond well to the wishes of our customers and constantly improve.

This is the way we act on the market, in the contacts with our business partners and in our organization.

What we do

DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS is a full-service provider of all steel products for the oil and gas, process, power generation, petrochemical, equipment manufacturing, liquid infrastructure, tank storage and maritime industries. We have the technical expertise, knowledge about suppliers, producers and expediting as well as the motivation to ensure high quality advice and service.

For years we have proven to be a reliable partner in maintenance, repair and overhaul contracts where immediate availability of material and fast delivery on a 24/7 basis are essential factors. The size and differentiation of our stock and the dedication and commitment of our employees guarantee that all contract conditions are amply met every time.

Larger projects are handled by our experienced project department. For these projects a multidisciplinary team is set up to handle all aspects of the order. We offer a personal approach, from the first time we meet through to the delivery or completion of the project and beyond.

Safety, Health and Environment

It’s all about people. And our people are our most valuable asset. That is why we take safety, health and environment (SHE) issues so seriously.

The SHE policy of DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS aims to minimize the safety risks for our employees and third parties, the improvement of safety, health and welfare at the workplace and the prevention of negative effects on the environment, meaning that:

  • the management team of DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS takes care of optimal working conditions within our companies, for our own employees as well as employees of third parties. We are thereby guided by our social responsibility, our aim for a high quality working environment and the applicable laws and regulations;
  • within all our companies we aim for minimization of the impact of our products and processes on the environment, like maximize the use of re-usable or recyclable material and focus on the development of sustainable products and processes;
  • we recognize the specific risks involved in the buying, handling, machining and selling of pipes, fittings, flanges, valves and related products, due to their specific dimensions and weights;
  • we control and maintain our SHE-policy by an integrated and certified quality and SHE-management system according to ISO 9001. We aim for continuous improvement to achieve our goals;
  • we aim to achieve our SHE-goals, each year a SHE-plan will be drawn up with specific short term actions, the execution of the SHE-plan is discussed twice a year with the Works Council;
  • the execution of our SHE-policy is a standard topic in regular meetings; all managers are actively involved in the execution of our SHE-policy as an integral part of our SHE-culture. We think that an active and visible contribution of all managers to the SHE-goals is essential for success.