HF-N Piping components, a new DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS service.


DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS offers a complete new service to the oil refinery market: from our stock DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS supplies a full range of low-temp carbon steel:
– pipes;
– fittings;
– flanges;
– bar;
– welding consumables

for the use of hydrofluoric acid (HF) as a catalyst for converting isobutane and low-molecular-weight alkenes into alkylates (a high quality gasoline component).

A number of key refineries in the world are already using this special service DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS provides to their full satisfaction. The chemical composition of these carbon steel piping components is specially designed for this application.

NACE has created a special specification for these materials: NACE Paper NO. 03651. ASTM has adopted this grade quality as ‘HF-N’ quality of which the requirements may be found in the supplementary requirements of a number of standards:

– ASTM A333 S2 for low-temp HF-N carbon steel pipes
– ASTM A960 S78 for HF-N carbon steel piping fittings
– ASTM A961 S62 for HF-N carbon steel flanges, forged fittings and other forgings.


Next to these stocked piping components DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS offers a complete range of special forgings, machined in and certified by our machine shop NRG Special Products. Examples are reinforced branch outlet fittings such as different types of olets (weldolets, elbolets, latrolets, etc.), machined from stocked HF-N bar material.

HF-N Piping components, a new DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS service.