DylanGroup is part of the Buhlmann Group




Bremen, March 2015.

On 27 February 2015 BUHLMANN acquired 100 percent of the DylanGroup. For BUHLMANN this is another expansion step toward developing their successful position on the market. Dylan too will be able to drive forward its success and growth through the merger with BUHLMANN. The opportunity for an intensive exchange among the companies, optimised storage capacities, the enlargement of the international sales team and a joint purchasing policy will secure additional competitive advantages vis-à-vis the market.

Collective strength on the market

“The steel industry has been in a strained market situation for a few years now. Some competitors have had to capitulate under the more difficult economic conditions. The more we’re excited for a common future with Dylan. Right now we’re analyzing the released potentials. One thing is certain: The DylanGroup will continue to operate under its own name and act as an independent subsidiary of the BUHLMANN GROUP”, said Jörg Klüver, Chief Operations Officer of the BUHLMANN GROUP. Together with CEO Jan van Essen and Jan-Oliver Buhlmann he forms the board of DylanGroup.

Dylan brings know-how

With its headquarters in Dutch Oud-Beijerland not far from Rotterdam, the company was one of the BUHLMANN GROUP’s direct competitors up to now. Founded in 1981 as a family-run company, the trading firm for steel tubes, fittings and accessories now counts around 240 employees worldwide. In addition to offices in the Netherlands and Germany, Dylan has also legal entities in Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain and Singapore. In addition, the company has also an agency in the Middle East. Like BUHLMANN, Dylan is also active in project business and management and has a very good reputation as a provider of solutions in piping technology for various dynamic industries, with customer value as highest priority.

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