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DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS has a large stock in the Netherlands with a variety of materials – from carbon to alloy steels and stainless steels. The integration within the BUHLMANN GROUP gives us access to an even larger variety of stock which is constantly being expanded, giving us the opportunity to react to short-term queries and customer demands quickly and flexibly. In doing so, quality management and the customer are always our top priorities. Our excellent network of verified purchasing and distribution channels is just one of many areas in which DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS excels.


Technical Support

Throughout the entire process, from design to custom production, we support customers with our technical knowledge. Part of this added value is advising on the composition of metals and alloys in perspective of the desired application.

Maintenance,Repair & Operations

The core of our MRO service is to support our customers; SLA’s covering storage of critical products allowing short lead-times, sourcing of less critical products from trusted partners only and operational excellence targets are well defined which contribute to a transparent view of overall costs.

Project Management

Your project will be supported by our dedicated staff in the order management process which includes purchase, quality assurance. 3rd party inspections, document control and logistics, and can be extended at your bespoke wish.

Sourcing & Procurement

Any request for products is supported by our knowledge of materials and suppliers. Our Group’s purchasing volume include the option of late amendments in production schedules at our production partners, supporting the eco-footprint within the supply-chain.


Our position as a prime stock-holder offers advantages to customers in terms of efficiency and customized solutions.

Testing & certification

Material quality is essential for many applications. Destructive and non-destructive testing are examples of full testing capabilities to detect any defects in products. Our in-house testing facility guarantees short transit time for many tests.

Tailor made production

In addition to our wide range of standard products, we also offer the possibility of customized production to meet the specific needs of the customer. If desired, products can be given extra protection in order to achieve the longest possible lifespan of the materials.

Logistic solutions

We closely monitor all activities in our Supply Chain. This enables us to assess the progress and manage them to guarantee delivery times. Shuttle services between our stock locations provides a high degree of flexibility. Where possible, we consolidate shipments to achieve efficient and sustainable transports. With our specialist knowledge, we can also support customers in the area of customs clearance.

Document control

To verify and record that our products are made and delivered according to specifications, design drawings, laws, regulations and other specific requirements, we provide full documentation and document control.

Offshore Construction

Technical Support

Throughout the entire process, from design to custom production, we support customers with our technical knowledge. Part of this added value is advising on the composition of metals and alloys in perspective of the desired application.

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Our Products

The quality of the BUHLMANN GROUP’s range is unparalleled. Every millimetre of our steel pipes, fittings and flanges is inspected and tested. This means that BUHLMANN is able to guarantee its customers flawless, high-quality materials. As soon as goods are received, we ensure their quality through dimensional inspections, labelling tests, certificate inspections and spectral analyses. What’s more, in cooperation with our long-term partner MT Laboratories GmbH – located on BUHLMANN company premises in Duisburg – we can carry out additional materials testing and acceptance tests:

  • Tensile tests and hot tensile tests
  • Notch impact tests
  • Hardness testing
  • Technological tests
  • Ultrasonic tests
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Dye penetrant inspections
  • Chemical product analyses
  • Metallographic examinations
  • Corrosion tests

All materials investigations can be certified by MT Laboratories GmbH or, upon request, by any other certification and classification company.

Our Products

Our Suppliers

The BUHLMANN GROUP makes use of reliable purchasing channels to procure products which are adapted to meet the needs of its customers. This efficiency means that materials which comply with all standards and which represent all levels of quality can be delivered at short notice without delays. The BUHLMANN GROUP constantly evaluates its suppliers in order to guarantee high levels of quality. In doing so, the incoming goods inspection has been expanded, meaning that all quality characteristics can be guaranteed at the very beginning of the value-added chain. Additional materials testing and materials investigations are carried out in cooperation with MT Laboratories GmbH.

All certification and classification companies which act as partners to the BUHLMANN GROUP are accredited:

Our Quality Management

At the BUHLMANN GROUP, quality and environmental management as well as occupational health and safety are closely related with one another. As a result, our processes are constantly being improved, and all sites are regularly subjected to audits. The expanded incoming goods inspection process, the continuous evaluation of suppliers and customer satisfaction analyses also form part of our QEHS management.


What’s more, the BUHLMANN GROUP places emphasis on dealing with the Earth’s resources in a responsible manner, meaning that we pay attention to reducing quantities of waste and properly disposing of said waste, recycling metals and packaging materials, promoting energy-saving concepts and handling resources in a considerate manner.

At the BUHLMANN GROUP, occupational heath and safety are also important aspects of quality. Here, we rely on tried and tested processes to recognise, evaluate and minimise safety risks, and provide for occupational medical and safety-related care to be carried out by qualified specialists. Employees are heavily involved when it comes to improving our working conditions to be more ergonomic.

As a company which operates on a global scale, the BUHLMANN GROUP has all the relevant approvals and certifications. The BUHLMANN GROUP was the first steel trading company to achieve triple certification for quality management, environmental protection and occupational heath and safety.

Our CertiFicates

Code of Conduct

The BUHLMANN GROUP’s Code of Conduct establishes binding guidelines for the behaviour of all employees when it comes to dealing with customers, suppliers and colleagues. Our company feels particularly obligated to the principles of fair competition, cooperative trade and the fight against corruption.

Code of ConduCT

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