Delivery Programme

A Complete range of Steel Piping Products


Our range of steel piping products is one of the world’s largest, and is sourced only from carefully selected manufacturers. We supply pipe, fittings, flanges, bar, valves and many other piping products in any size or grade you might require. Our inventories contain the widest selection of Low Temp, High Yield and High Temp Carbon Steels, Low Alloy, Stainless, Duplex, Super Duplex Steels and Nickel Alloys. All stock materials are ordered with enhanced purchasing specifications covering the most critical applications.


In addition to products with standard dimensions, we also keep a large inventory of forgings and semi-finished products for any specialized requirement or made-to-measure product you might need. Our in-house production facilities provide quick turn-around times, even for products with tight tolerances. And if the solution cannot be found from our stock, we have a large number of reputable supply partners who reserve production capacity for us to fulfill special requirements.

We have several Delivery Programmes Available for You in PDF. Please visit our download page



If you are looking for a specific size or grade which is not documented in our Delivery Programmes please contact our Sales Colleagues. We are sure we can help You!