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Working at DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS means working in a dynamic, inspiring environment. DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS is investing in building a team of highly skilled and engaged employees who will help DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS to meet the challenges of the future. Take a look at our available vacancies or contact us for more information.


Our Key Success Factors:
Our values are not optional extras, nor are they a distraction from our real jobs. They are vital in securing and keeping trust, creating a respected, sustainable, profitable company with strong relationships for the long-term.


DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS Key success factors are:

  • Quality leadership
  • Global presence with local highly motivated and competent staff
  • Customer and supplier relationships
  • Flexibility and operational excellence
  • Financing structure that merest business demands
  • Mutual understanding of cultural differences
  • Knowledge


“DYLAN STEEL SOLUTIONS helps employees make the most of their skills”



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