Head Office rebuilt as an energy-saving workplace

Head Office rebuilt as an energy-saving workplace
Durability is a hot item, and for a reason. DylanGroup, a trading company in the energy sector, and chemical and petrochemical industry, has changed her existing head-office in Oud-Beijerland – The Netherlands into a new and durable building. The conversion entailed a thorough renovation and expansion into the existing warehouse. A part of this has been converted into office-space. This resulted in a nice, open work-space garden. According to Sunburst, inventor of energy-efficient and energy-neutral building concepts, DylanGroup want to stress to the outside world, that, with this renovation, they take their responsibility as a durable business. In considering whether to build new offices, or to re-develop the existing premises, durability played a major role. DylanGroup managed to considerably cut down on raw materials and energy, by deliberately choosing for re-development and conversion. By choosing to renovate, one also saved a considerable building plot from being pulled from nature.




The renovation and extension were tackled thoroughly. The aim: to save energy. The existing insulation of the front and the roof were improved upon. The existing installation was also replaced by an energy-efficient system. An investment was made to create a better climate inside, so that employees were able to work more pleasantly. The new installation, which was installed by STB technical management, is very energy-efficient. To generate heating as well as cooling, a heat pump is being used. The ventilation system uses the warmth of the expelled air, to heat up the intake of “fresh” outside air in winter. During summer, the expelled cool air from inside can be used to cool down the intake of air from outside.

Raw materials

The bathrooms are water-efficient. So focus is not just on energy efficiency. There is also attention for the efficient use of raw materials that are good for the environment. Timmers Electrotechniek realized energy-efficient LED lighting. When there is no one present in a certain office, toilet, storage or meeting room, the system switches off the lighting automatically. By coupling the ventilation and cooling systems to the lighting in the offices, energy is only being consumed in those spaces that are actually being used. The sky lights allow for extra daylight, so that there is sufficient natural light in the work spaces, while using less electrical energy.


The conversion was realized using only FSC certified timber. For the durable renovation and the construction of an energy-efficient installation, DylanGroup received the designation “Groenlabel” (meaning green label).