DylanGroup proud supplier of BP

BP Refinery Rotterdam, one of the oil refineries in Europa, are very satisfied with performance during recent TAR.


A Turn Around (TAR) is a planned, temporary shutdown of one or more processes in an installation, intended for maintenance, repair or replacement. Operations of this kind are carried out with utmost precision: all activities must be executed in continuous succession, so the work can be completed in the shortest possible time. In this way, the loss of productivity is minimized, allowing re-start of the process or installation at the planned date. On an operational level, this resulted in a huge number of orders, most of them rush jobs. BP thank DylanGroup and all DylanGroup’s staff for all the effort and overtime they have put in to ensure on-time deliveries everytime, even during the weekends, so the Turn Around 2012 could be carried out and completed successfully.


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